New PSP colours unveiled

Sony has just unveiled new PSP colours, introducing four new shades in Japan. There’s blue, red, yellow and green, or “Carnival Colors”, as Sony has dubbed them. Cos, you know, primary colours are associated with the circus.

Sony may not be pumping out a PSP phone any time soon, but Japanese gamers will be able to re-invigourate their handheld experience with the new PSP colours for around ¥19,800 (That’s around £160 in non-Monopoly money). If your enjoyment of gaming is based on what colour your console is rather than the games you’re playing, that is.

No, there’s no new tech inside, and no, there’s no Western release pencilled in yet, but Sony’s palette pickers are certainly giving Apple and the iPod nano team a run for their money when it comes to garish exteriors.

Out TBC | £160 | Sony (Via Akihabara News)

  • Cunny

    FFS Sony! Give us a proper PSP update. Touchscreen, accelerometer, no UMD and ergonomics that don’t hurt after 10 mins of playing!!!

  • Ben Sillis

    Goes to show you how much of the market follows the “Look at the shiny shiny mentality” rather than buying a product based on whether it’s good or not. Or at least that Sony thinks this is the case. Tut on them all!

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