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We’ve heard rumours and rumblings about Sony launching a new model in its Alpha range of digital SLR cameras for a while, and the online buzz this week suggests that the new model will be the A800, a 15.2-megapixel body that will replace the current A700 model.

According to a post on, the A800 will also offer a 6.5fps burst mode, a new high speed sync flash, a dual auto focus ultra-speed motor, 23 auto focus points, ISO 100 to 12,800 and built-in Wi-Fi. It will also sport a flippable back LCD with LiveView. The 15.2-megapixel sensor, meanwhile, will be a new Exmor R edition – but will remain APS-C rather than full frame (meaning the flagship A900 will remain Sony’s only full frame body).

The post goes on to say that the A800 will be launched at the PMA trade show in March, presumably to go on sale this summer. Three new lenses will also be unveiled.

So does this make sense? Well, despite Sony’s financial woes the Alpha side of its business seems like something of a success, and the fact that the A700 was released two years ago (at PMA 2007, in fact) suggests it’s ripe for replacing. We reckon there could be legs in this story, and we’ll bring you more info as we get it.

Out TBC | £TBC | Sony Alpha (via and Engadget)

  • riskydisco

    Some of these features just seem pointless. How often will you really use Wi-Fi… I mean. Really? And 23 autofocus points? All the best photographers focus manually anyway. Seems like low-end “features” (by which I mean gimmicks) are creeping into High end cams too often

  • Sam Kieldsen

    “All the best photographers focus manually anyway.”

    I’m not sure I agree with you here. There’s nothing wrong with auto focus if it’s accurate and fast – you’ll lose lots of shooting opportunities if you choose to use manual focus all the time.

  • Ben Sillis

    Speaking as a journalist, there’s definitely at least a niche market for Wi-Fi in cameras of any size – being able to send high quality pictures as quickly as possible is really useful for news sites where the deadline is ASAP. I know it would make my job quicker, for one, though I agree that if you’re just using a camera for leisure, if you need to put photos online that quickly then you might need to sort out your priorities!

  • Sp4G

    Hey, riskydisco, what do you mean “all the best photographers focus manually”? Is your definition of “photographer” limited to portraiture specialists? There are many great professional photographers who MUST have autofocus or would never be able to do their work effectively, photojournalism and sports photography as 2 examples. ?????

  • a700

    that picture is just the a700 with a letter

  • a350

    i hope it’ll release soon, i need to buy the new one…. he3…

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