You can always trust EVE Online to provide a good scandal. The MMO / Virtual World / economics toy is now approaching its sixth year of life and still proving its ability to surprise players with its emergent gameplay shenanigans.

This week, a former investments manager at the in-game Dynasty Banking organisation, called Xabier, disappeared with over 80 billion ISK, the game’s currency. In real money terms, it’s thought to be worth around £1,850.

At a time when the Government is chucking millions at the banking black hole, a couple of grand might not sound like much, but in the world of EVE Online, such a crime can basically go unpunished. EVE’s special sauce is its player-driven economy, which is left almost completely unregulated by the developers, CCP.

This approach has led to numerous player-run corporations and financial institutions, and the design of the game has left plenty of holes for players to succumb to temptation and run off with tons of in-game currency and valuable virtual items. EVE Online’s most infamous scandal of the past was a high-profile player assassination that involved numerous operatives and a long running conspiracy to infiltrate a player corporation. Its leader was murdered (virtually, of course) and over 30 billion ISK worth of damage was inflicted on the corporation’s assets.

Right now, it has not been 100% confirmed that Xabier has scarpered with the cash. His online bio now reads “Thanks for all the fish” though. Hey, maybe he’s just borrowing it, right?

Manalapan, the chairman of Dynasty Banking urged his customers not to panic, saying “Dynasty Banking will get over these times and we will continue to strive to earn the public’s faith as one of the leading banks of EVE Online”. That sentence actually perfectly encapsulates all the reasons we have for wanting both to play EVE Online and to avoid it like the plague.

Earlier this month, Eve Online also confirmed its availability on Steam. You can now pick up a 21 day free trial from the digital distribution platform.

Out Now| £8.99 | EVE Online (via The Escapist)

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