Apple has filed a patent for integrated iPhone mapping and calendars, showing it has plans for the handset to plot directions between appointments automatically. It’s far more intelligent than the current iPhone software, and integrates with the address book too.

The idea is fairly simple. According to Apple’s patent document, appointments will automatically be plotted on a map, with addresses fished from the address book or the appointment itself.

The iPhone will also monitor traffic along the route, and be able to alert you if you need to leave early for a meeting to avoid being late. It promises to turn the iPhone into a real digital assistant, which can even text an automated “sorry, I’ll be late” message to the person you’re meeting.

Of course, there’s no guarantee any of this tech will actually come to the iPhone. At the moment, it’s nothing more than a patent, although the technology for Apple to make it a reality is already inside the handset, and we’d love to see it made real.

TBC | £TBC | Apple (via Unwiredview)

  • Dervheid

    Jesus H Tap-dancing Christ!
    Is a frigging patent actually needed here!
    Too much time spent & effort being spent hoarding ‘Intellectual Property’, not enough effort being expended on producing end products.
    Not just Apple guilty here either.
    Friggin’ Patent Trolls!

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