The Sony keynote this morning was largely devoid of new products heading to market anytime soon, but there was one unexpected gizmo on show: a digital picture frame that acts as an internet connected alarm clock!

We’ve never been big fans of digital picture frames, especially ones that try to serve other purposes like playing music out of tinny speakers. But the unnamed bedside alarm clock device Howard Stringer demoed could convince us otherwise: it’ll tell the time or display photos to your preference, and wake you up to video or news feeds form the net. Or, as Stringer showed the crowd to much laughter, a Big Ben alarm. It’ll even offer third party support for developers to create widgets.

Like everything Sony had to show today, there was of course no release date for the thing. But for the first time ever, we can say that this is one digital photo frame we’ll be following up on.

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    This post really unveils the incredible information about Sony Digital picture frame. And I am really surprised to know that the alarm clock of this picture frame is web connected. It’s really marvellous. And so far Sony is really known for it’s exceptionalness. Thanks for sharing some interesting and authentic information about booming technology.

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