Panasonic 3D HDTV coming by 2010

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We’ve seen a few 3D TV sets on display already at CES this year, but Panasonic wants a standard set for the new market, so it’s setting it itself: 3D HDTV, and Panasonic says it’ll be ready by 2010!

Speaking at the company’s keynote, Panasonic of North America’s CEO, Yoshi Yamada, said that the next major change in TV technology was the jump to 3D, and that Panasonic “doesn’t think 3D for the home is far away at all”. But, because the company simply can’t wait, Yamada said that it would be proposing a 3D Full HD standard – no blur – with studios and electrical manufacturers this year in order to get a product line up and running by 2010, with 3D content to play on it.

To prove that Panasonic’s not all talk, Yamada also revealed that the company’s first Blu-ray 3D Full HD authoring systems would be installed in it labs before February, and was developing a standardized authoring system ready for 2010.

In other words, any TV or film studio will be able to shoot in 3D with ease, then package it to play on any TV with the standard.

We’re still not entirely sold if red and green cardboard glasses are involved, but Panasonic says that it’ll be demonstrating the technology at its booth on the CES show floor tomorrow, so we’ll keep you posted if it really does live up to the hype.

Out 2010 | £TBC | Panasonic

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