Who you gonna.. no, sorry. I can’t do it. Too many useless Ghostbuster puns and quotes have been shed during the on-again/off-again development of the new Ghostbusters game.

After what seems like forever – including a long period when the game seemed to have been cancelled – Activision has confirmed that the current-gen take on the Ghostbusters franchise is back on track and will be released to actual shops where it can be bought for real money on June 19th. This year.

Star and writer Dan Ackroyd reckons that the game will effectively be Ghostbusters III and most of the original cast have signed on to provide voice work for the game. Apart from Rick Moranis, who has retired from acting.

The release date will tie in with the 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray release of the original film. Wait, did I just type that Ghostbusters was 25 years old? But.. that must make me… oh dear God no.

via CVG

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