Toshiba is well and truly over HD-DVD: it’s just unveiled its first Cell TV home entertainment systems juggling HD video streams like tennis balls and upscaling video beyond 1080p, and Toshiba says they’ll be launching this year!

To cap off the company’s keynote speech at CES today, Toshiba revealed that a whole range of Cell TVs would be heading our way this year. We’ve seen TVs that upscale every video source before, but the power of Cell TV set up is frankly ridiculous: as well as boosting internet video feeds with Resolution+ technology, Cell platform TVs can record six HD broadcasts simultaneously, and upscale 1080p full HD all the way to 3,840×2,160p (They should call it fuller HD).

Toshiba is calling them HD servers, which might be a more accurate than simply calling them TVs: currently the LCD panels need an accompanying set top box, but that’s small price to pay for one of the fastest image processing tubes in the world.

They’re no pipe dream either: Tosh says that a 56inch prototype system will be on display at its CES booth from tomorrow, so expect some mind blowing pictures very soon.

Out 2009 | £TBC | Toshiba

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