Samsung treated a packed press conference to its “most perfect” Blu-Ray player this afternoon, unveiling the BD-P4600, a wall-mountable disc spinner that’s just 1.5 inches thick, ultra-fast and even accesses the web wirelessly.

The BD-P4600 uses an optional wireless dongle to hook up to Wi-Fi networks and grab bonus content from the web. It’ll also work with a wired connection, but that’s just not as sexy, is it?

There’s also built-in access to Pandora and Netflix for on-demand music and video.

As you’d expect, it serves up full HD, and supports all the latest Blu-Ray technologies, such as BD Live.

There’s also support for JPEG photos and DivX videos, and it’ll upscale DVDs too. As Samsung says, we reckon that’s just about perfect.

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