This really does take a commitment to retrogaming to new heights. Water Melon Development are launching the first new Megadrive game since 1998. Pier Solar and the Great Architects is to appear on an actual SEGA Megadrive cartridge, but there is a chance that the game could be enjoyed by gamers who don’t operate retrogaming museums or have extensive attic space devoted to their childhood toys.

Pier Solar is a top-down RPG, in the vein of Zelda or Ultima. WMD has developed the game as a sort of tribute to the Megadrive in time for its 20th anniversary.

In addition to the non-more-retro cartridge release, WMD are investiingating next-gen consoles and looking to XBLA as one route to bringing their game to the masses, saying, “A next-gen port of Pier Solar (or maybe even its sequel) is definitely on the list of things to do.”

The game was meant to be released on Xmas eve, but will now be out sometime this year, priced around £25.

Out 2009 | £25 |

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