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We’ve seen countless watch-phones in sci-fi movies, but very few in the real world – until now. LG has shown off its GD910 wristwatch-cum-mobile phone, which seems likely to launch in Europe later this year.

The 3G device sports a 1.4-inch touchscreen which can be used for pretty much everything you’d expect from a mobile phone. You can bring up a keypad to make calls, view web pages and, thanks to a built-in front camera, take stills and have video conversations.

MP3 playback, Bluetooth and text-to-speech are also supported, suggesting that LG is gearing up the device to make a proper assault on the mobile phone market. Of course, much will depend on the pricing, which is as yet unknown. Expect to hear more on this from CES next week.

Out TBC | £TBC | LG (via Register Hardware)

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