Christmas Gift Guide: For Dads

We’ve shown you what to get your mum, but don’t forget that other discerning, all-important relative, your dad.

Whether he’s a man who likes to experiment with his gadgets or has used the same Siemens C35 phone for nine years now, we’ve got something to please in our Christmas gift guide, whatever the price. Read on, and we promise, no socks in sight.

Fill his stocking and warm his heart with these gifts on a budget, all under £20!

Can Crusher
This one may not actually fit in a large red sock, but it’ll give your dad the satisfaction of a job well done for under a tenner. Your family might get through a mountain of booze as high as K2 this Christmas, but he’ll be able to crush all the cans flat with even less effort than before.

USB Shredder
Dads take their personal identity seriously – what if someone steals their credit card details when they buy that jazz album… or jazz magazine? Save him the hassle and worry with this USB powered tearer upper for just £13 and give him peace of mind this Christmas.

Looking for something to go under the tree rather than stuffed in a stocking? Not to worry: these goodies will impress far more than all the knitted jumpers and novelty ties from estranged aunts combined.

If you’ve flown the coop recently, your dad may well have taken to using the back bedroom for dabbling in a bit of homebrew. And we don’t mean the gaming kind. Your mum might be at her wits end with the smell and the explosions, so let him make his own bitter or lager without the fuss with Firebox’s BrewZer contraption. Pop the provided ingredients in, pump it up and almost instantly (Well, 21 days later), he’ll have ten pints of Vagrant’s Choice Ale to show off. From £24.95.

Ah disposable income. It’s a wonderful thing. At least it would be if we had any. Still, make us jealous by splashing out on your pa with these prezzies.

If your dad is the sort who complains about lights being left on all the time, you can indulge his pet peeves with this power-saving prezzie. As well as looking stupendously cool, Wattson monitors energy usage for the whole household, and if you can explain the concept of plugging it into the computer via USB, he can get a full breakdown of usage and costs to give some solid fact to his rants. £86.99 from the Gadget Shop.

USB VHS Converter
Dad a home video enthusiast? If he’s the sort who feels naked without his camcorder to hand, help him back up all of his precious movies for under £150. You can plug an 8mm camera straight into the converter for playback and it’ll begin converting in just a few clicks. Plus, if all of those films of you splashing around in a paddling pool aged two are on the computer instead, it’s far more difficult for him to bore the whole family at one time with them. It is, however, much easier for them to end up on Facebook.

X-Rocker Recliner
The ultimate chair. If you can get around the difficulty of wrapping it up, the X-Rocker is the best gift a son could give. As well as wireless three channel audio built into the vinyl backing, there’s a booming subwoofer that’ll conveniently mask his farts. And when he’s not using it for his home theatre, you can link it up to a console or MP3 player too. £299.95 is well worth avoiding a trip to MFI for.

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