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We’ve already been teased by Palm’s invite for its CES press conference, promising “that Palm New-ness you’ve been waiting for,” and now it looks like we know what to expect.

It’ll be Palm’s new operating system, dubbed Nova, alongside the first device to run it. At least, according to BusinessWeek.

It’s reporting that Palm’s engineers are buzzing with excitement about the new software and hardware combo, with both due to go on sale in the middle of next year.

We’re hearing Nova will be fresh and innovative, with a slant on making “smarter use of data about you.” Does that mean it’ll finally tie our calendar appointments to GPS or mobile network location? We’ve been craving a phone that knows when we’ll be late, without us setting a reminder. Or one that checks the weather forecast just before we leave, reminding us to take a brolly. Is that the sort of thing Palm has in store?

All will be revealed next month.

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