Christmas Gift Guide: For mums

Ten days to go now folks. Hopefully you’ll have a a few people on your shopping list crossed off (sports fans, home entertainment heads and Mac fans, say) but there’s still those all important relatives you’ll be braving the festive traffic to face, not least your mum, bless her.

Say thank you for bringing you into the world with gadgets right up her street in today’s Christmas gift guide.

Maybe you haven’t got much money, or maybe you just don’t like her very much – either way, if you’re cutting down on costs, she’ll love these gizmos just the same.

Belkin Notebook PocketTop Case
Has your mum just bought herself a new notebook? She may still be struggling to get her head around the intricacies of Windows Vista (understandably), but you can help one way at least: Belkin’s PocketTop case will store anything up to 15.4-inches with the power brick still attached, so you can set it up for her once and save any confusion about what cord goes where ever again. £17.09 from Amazon.

Sparkling Gold Cuvée
OK, no, it’s not a gadget, but it is alcohol, which is the next best thing in anyone’s book. Sparkly alcohol too, with lots of floaty gold bits in, to have your mum cooing and ahhing before getting far too merry on the best looking bubbly ever. And starting at just £10 a bottle from Firebox.

Microwavable Foot Warmers
We’re big fans of the USB foot warmers being sold by the Gadget Shop, but elt’s face it, what device is your mother going to have with a USB port in? An Xbox 360?The one gizmo your mum is likely to have in her house is a microwave, and you can take her slippers to the next level with this bake in the box footwear, now reduced to £13.

Love your mum a bit more than that? Plenty of gadget related gifts right up her street between £20 and £50.

Digital Photo keyring
This one will probably require you to set it up for her, but once up and running she’ll treasure this. This keychain comes with a 1.35-inch OLED screen which will store up to 8MB (100 photos) displayed at random and work with a PC or a Mac. All topped off with a leather and metal finish for £31.99.

Norton Internet Security 2009
It’s not remotely interesting, but your mum will no doubt appreciate the thought. If she’s anything like ours’, she won’t be too tech savvy. Prevent her falling for any scams and downloading any malware with Norton’s latest security package, now only £40 for a year’s subscription.

Bit of Christmas bonus to spend? Easy for some. Still, lavish the woman who bore you for nine months with material goods this Christmas. Expensive material goods.

If your mum isn’t down with digital cameras just yet, help her back up her albums with Firebox’s USB negative scanner. Pop 35mm film into the tray, slide it and and they’ll be digitalised on to the PC at five megapixel resolution, ready to be cropped and resized. A lifetime of memories for just £80? Bargain.

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