LG Renoir KC910 unboxed LG Renoir KC910 unboxed

LG Renoir unboxed

Thought the iPhone had fended off all of its rivals to the touchscreen throne for the year? Guess again – alongside the uber-chic Prada II, LG is pulling one last punch before Apple starts setting trends again in January, and it’s a swinging upper cut alright: the eight megapixel LG Renoir KC910 cameraphone. We’ve opened our presents very early indeed and unboxed this one for you – pictures after the jump.

We’ve been waiting to see how the Renoir compared to another 8MP-er from a certain Korean company for some time, and while the phone’s plasticky shell is certainly not as artistic as the name suggests, it certainly matches the Samsung Pixon in picture quality and snapping options, with some fancy focusing and hi-res shots – just remember to shut the lens when you’re done.

Drag and drop widgets on the home screen are a nice touch, though we hope there’s room to expand there with the Renoir SDK we’ve been promised.

The three inch screen’s not bad, though the haptic feedback is a bit delayed, and after seeing the BlackBerry Curve’s dazzler yesterday, we’re still a bit underwhelmed. DivX and Xvid playback, as well as Dolby Mobile technology for super sound more than makes up for that though. Check it out in the pics below, but we reckon this is one for your Christmas wish list.

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    Thanks for the unboxing photos, looks like great packaging. I’ve managed to use the phone, and I am very impressed with it. Thanks once again for a clear look at the box!

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