Gadgets don’t just have to be about sitting at home in the dark with the curtains drawn. OK, top home entertainment kit might, but there’s plenty of gizmos to help make the most of the outdoors, so if the person you’re buying for fancies themselves as the next Andy Murray (Or insert other precocious young athlete here), deck them out with the latest equipment in our Christmas gift guide. Find out what they are after the jump.

The great thing about sport is it’s free: it doesn’t cost anything to run around. If you want someone to run around better though, get them these sporting goods for next to nothing.

Nike + iPod
The two most influential brands in the world combine to make, marketing aside, one incredibly useful pedometer. Pop one bit in a shoe and it’ll gauge how far the recipient runs, how fast, and even provide motivational tunes for the final stretch. You don’t even need to plug anything into the new iPod Nano. All for just £19.

The Beerbelly
This one’s for the more passive sports fan, who enjoys watching rather than playing. Strap this around their gut and they’ll be able to stroll into any sporting event with beer literally stowed in their belly. They’ll look a bit odd supping from a tube apparently attached to their internal organs, but well worth it when you consider the cost of booze at stadiums nowadays.

Overboard bag
Overboard makes a fantastic range of waterproof bags in every style, but we’re particularly taken by the budget tube bags. They’re perfect for packing everything in for a day on the beach – even iPod docks, though watch out for sand – so if the person you’re shopping for likes adventurous holidays give them the case to go with them. Prices start from £9.99.

That hobby getting serious? Indulge someone this Christmas with these bits of kit from £20 to £50.

Rocket fishing rod
If your friend is a hopeless angler, or even a good one, Firebox’s Rocket Fishing Rod will save all the hassle and danger of trying to cast a sharp hook into the water. The pump action handle simply fires the hook into water where it’s pointed, so there’s no excuse for not catching anything now. Unless it’s a canal and all the fish have been poisoned.

Action Camera
If your friend fancies his or her self as the next Evel Knievel, let them show you if they’re trash talking or not. The Action Camera straps on to almost any piece of equipment, be it bike or ski pole, recording straight on to SD card to preserve hair raising antics for posterity. There’s sound too of course, and it clocks in at just £60 so be a daredevil and snap one up now.

If the person you’re buying for is rapidly turning semi-pro, help sponsor them with these expensive bits of quality kit.

Wii Fit
Nintendo‘s exercise game completely redfined how a game should work when it laucnhed earlier this year, and it’s now just about in stock again. The balance board it comes with measures how the player performs and charts their progress over time, so they’ll actually get healthy playing. If you’re worried about spending £121 on it though, don’t be: games developers are starting to make full use of the balance board as a controlller (Shaun White Snowboarding for Wii sees you surfing down the piste on it).

One for the sports fan always on the move: Slingbox takes what’s on the owner’s telly or set top box and slings it to anywhere in the world with a broadband connection. Perfect for travellers who need their weekly fix of the Premier League on Sky Sports and now surprisingly cheap: just £69.96 from Amazon.

Longridge Sure Shot GPS
GPS doesn’t just help get from A to B by car – it’ll help any budding golfers to perfect their game too. At £189.99, Longridge’s device is expensive but still far cheaper than a round at Augusta, and as well as warning you of hazards for every hole on over 1,500 courses, it’ll store your scores so you can watch it help bring your handicap down. Or up. Whichever means you’re good, the scoring’s confusing.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1
Pan’s latest semi-SLR is frankly a steal at £540, and perfect for sports photographers. One of its key features is motion-tracking autofocus, letting the camera follow one player around on the pitch – all the snapper has to do is press the shoot button and score. If only it was that easy for some England footballers, eh?

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