British and American T-Mobile customers are still cooing over the G1, but already the second Android phone has been announced in Australia. Don’t worry though, you can get hold of it in the UK too!

Coming in two flavours, dubbed the Kogan Agora and the Kogan Agora Pro, they’ll begin shipping in January, kitting out Aussies with Google’s OS, inside a phone with 3G, a 2.5 inch touchscreen and a QWERTY keypad.

It’s not a slider like the T-Mobile G1 though, this is an all-in-one candybar design.

The Agora will cost $299 and the Pro will cost $399. They’re essentially the same phone, although the Pro also packs Wi-Fi and a 2 megapixel camera.

The best news? They’re also being offered to international customers. The Kogan Agora will cost £152 with international shipping, while the Pro version will set you back £203.

Out January 2009 | From £152 | Kogan (via Pocket-Lint)

  • http://NA Stephen

    Are they any good though??

  • James Holland

    Until we get one in for review, we won’t know! Although if I’m honest, I suspect Android will kick-start a wave of clone phones, with different shells, but the same basic specs and abilities. Without Wi-Fi or a camera, the basic Kogan Agora seems a little pointless, and even the Pro only packs a 2 meg sensor.

    I’d hold out for something more substantial if an Android phone’s really what you’re after.

  • http://NA Stephen

    Yea, I kind of thought the same. I’m thinking more N97 now than Android. I wouldn’t consider Nokia if they used Windows Mobile OS but the Symbian OS takes me back to the days when I had a Psion Revo. That is the best PDA I ever had :)

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