Apple prepping £50 iPhone?

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Another iPhone rumour folks, but if the latest online mutterings are to be believed, it’s a corker. Apple’s poised to unveil a cut-price handset at just £50. Probably. Maybe.

The latest iPhone tittle-tattle comes from Boy Genius Report, but we’re still treating it with a hefty dose of scepticism.

See, the logic is that Apple will offer a 4GB model through Wal-Mart in the US for $99, although customers will need to sign up for a two year contract.

All of a sudden it doesn’t sound such a good deal. Besides, Apple hasn’t offered a 4GB iPhone since the 2G version was alive and kicking.

Boy Genius states that the tip off is far from concrete, and we reckon it’s a bit whiffy too. Still, if you’re skint, and desperate for an iPhone, keep everything crossed!

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