In all the hubbub surrounding the N97 this could easily go unnoticed, but Nokia didn’t just unveil its first touchscreen N-Series phone today, it also took a step into the home entertainment sector, with Nokia Home Music.

It’s a neat, all-in-one music streamer capable of tuning into internet radio and FM broadcasts, but that’s just half the story. It’ll also stream songs from a PC elsewhere in the house.

Of course, it’ll easily hook up to a mobile phone or MP3 player, and play podcasts on demand from the web.

There are outputs to connect it to a Hi-Fi too, although there’s a built-in 10 watt speaker so it’ll function as a stand-alone device as well.

Around the back there’s an ethernet port, although it has Wi-Fi built in, but the burning question is this: What’s Nokia up to, making internet radios? Is this the company’s first step towards providing home entertainment? Considering it has plans to automate your house already, we think it is. Nokia set-top box, here we come!

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