3 has vowed to increase the speed of HSDPA 3G over the next couple of years, and claims that its customers in London and “other major cities” will be able to access the web at 14.4Mbps – double the current speed – by 2010.

3 says the supercharged 3G system will be ready to rock by the third quarter of that year, and has also pledged to increase HSUPA speeds in large cities to 5.7Mbps by the same time. And 3 users that don’t live in a metropolis should also see a doubling of the current speed, from 3.6Mbps to 7.2Mbps.

3 (via Reg Hardware)

  • Brendan

    Anything above 10kbps would be an achievement for 3. I had the misfortune of being conned by 3 into buying a dongle and am now finding it impossible to get out of the contract. I live very near London City Airport and have difficulty even getting onto Google. 3 has no coverage in this area and by the sounds of it this is the case regardless where you go in the country. 3 should be avoided at all costs. I have to ring India every night several times a night to be told there is nothing they can do and that a mast will be put up in 2011 and to just wait, that i cannot end the contract without paying for the priveledge. This company should be shut down immediately.

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