This must be some sort of record: Three has only just launched its new Facebook ‘fone, the INQ1, this morning, but it’s already working on the next model, and it’s promising a full QWERTY keyboard to make the most of all those IM functions.

Speaking at the iNQ One unveiling this morning, Three’s UK CEO, Kevin Russell confirmed that the next model would pack a full, BlackBerry busting keypad to tap out all those emails and IMs you get for free. “You’ll see it in 2009,” he said.

Russell couldn’t confirm what other features the Facebook ‘fone Mark II might add, but INQ’s CEO Frank Meehan let slip that GPS would be added to the software, “definitely next year”.

That’s no reason not to take a look at the iNQ One right now though, and we’ve got lots of lovely first pics for you right here.

Out 2009 | £TBC | Three

  • http://NA Stephen

    So, do I wait for this of get the G1? :(

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