3 unveils its Facebook phone!

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Right on time, and in line with our predictions, 3 unveiled its Facebook phone this morning. Dubbed the INQ1, it’s similar to the network’s Skype phone, but as well as offering free VoIP calls, also dishes up social networking and chat by the bucket-load.

As expected, it also integrates Facebook, Skype and Windows Live Messenger with your address book, so you’ll see what your contacts are up to (and the best way to get hold of them) just by tapping into their name.

3 are also bundling the phone with an extremely competitive tariff. £15 a month will give you unlimited access to Facebook, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, E-mail and internet browsing, as well as unlimited texts, unlimited calls to other 3 customers and 75 minutes of calls to other mobiles.

Pay £20 a month and you’ll get all that, plus 400 minutes to mobiles on other networks.

The INQ1 will also hit pay as you go, costing £79.99 with a minimum monthly top up of £10. For that, you’ll get unlimited access to all its social networking abilities, as well as the web, and £5 worth of phone calls or texts.

Stay tuned for our hands-on pics of it in action!

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