We’ve known about Pioneer’s incoming one-box Blu-ray home cinema for a while now, but the firm just gave official confirmation that the LX01BD is go! This all-in-one package offers a Blu-ray player with built-in 5.1 amplifier, plus four surround speakers and a bass-firing subwoofer.

The dodecahedron speakers can generate sound fields in all directions, which means users who don’t want the hassle of placing the front and rear speakers in the traditional parts of their living room can simply arrange them all at the front and still get a surround sound effect.

Personally, we think if you’re shelling out almost £2,000 for a surround sound system you’d be mad not to set it up to deliver its best possible audio performance – and thankfully those who do can use Pioneer’s easy-as-pie calibration system to automatically optimise the individual speaker settings.

The Blu-ray player is Profile 1.1 compatible (so it can handle Bonus View but not BD-Live) and outputs video at the now-standard 1080p at 24fps. Both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD surround sound formats are supported, and there are two HDMI inputs for hooking up other gear.

Out now | £2,000 | Pioneer

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