Windows 7 is turning out to be full of surprises. First there were all those fancy new technologies, and then the new Taskbar. Now we’ve learned it’ll support fancy mouse gestures too.

Take a look at the video below and you’ll see Windows 7’s Aero Shake function in action. It’ll let users clear the desktop of windows while they concentrate on a single app.

It’s similar to the Mac’s exposé system, which will show all windows at once, all windows from a single application, or a clean desktop. However, Apple doesn’t use mouse gestures to get the job done.

Instead, the newest Mac laptops use four-fingered trackpad gestures. There’s no way to accomplish that without a laptop, so for simplicity, we’re inclined to think Microsoft has the edge here.

What do you think? Neat feature, or a case of feature-creep that could clog up Windows 7, just like Vista?


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  • Spider86

    Looks like a cool feature and that particular gesture seems quite simple. What other gestures are there?? I know some of the mouse gesture apps you can add to windows XP have you nearly writing in chinese characters just to do something simple!! Simplicity is the key with features like this otherwise they will just be viewed as a cool gimmick but not really used and something that’s just clogging up windows again.

  • Tiby

    I have set my hot corners to work with Expose on my MacBook Pro so that when I swipe my mouse up into the top right corner, all the open windows are shown, the bottom right corner shows the desktop, the top left shows the active program and the bottom left brings up the dashboard.
    I’ve found this to be a very natural interface (and incidentally means the upgrade to the new MBP holds little value for me). I get really frustrated at work where I have to work with Windows, so this is a welcome addition to Windows for me.

  • tlm550

    These “Features” are a waste of resources. Make an OS that provides all of the functions and leave out the silly “features”. Let us once again install the utilities we want and let us leave out 50% of the stuff because we will never use it — our computers would run so much faster.

    And the window snapping to a maximized state just because you moved it near the edge of the desktop is extremely annoying. If I want to maximize a window, I’ll do it myself. Thankfully, I found the setting to disable this silly, useless “feature”.

    • matt

      where? i’d like to turn it of myself! i prefer double click to maximize/minimize.

  • Marcos

    I tried it and it did… shake again…and again…nothing, any way there is still the “Flip” feature for which I have a mouse with a “Flip” button.

  • Loto

    sounds good,

    but i don’t want to upgrade to 7. I love those softwares for XP, mouse gestures softwares,

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