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We first caught sight of Philips Lux TV at IFA in August, but now the new 42PFL9803H is finally going on sale, packing the company’s intelligent LED backlighting to give a whopping 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

Philips says the next-gen telly produces a picture better than a plasma screen in terms of sharpness, brightness and pure white reproduction. What’s more, with the new backlighting it can produce ultra-deep blacks too, switching off the LEDs to plunge select areas of the screen into darkness.

The company says its new gogglebox offers”all of the benefits of LCD technology but with black levels and a contrast ratio to beat the best plasma TVs.”

As well as the new LED backlighting, the TV features Philips’ Perfect Pixel HD engine for slick image processing, and the Ambilight Spectra system for eye-soothing backlighting outside the TV.

Out November | £2,299 | Philips

  • The Future of Sega

    Please offer this tv for 599 on Black friday! Please oh please! Thats all I can afford at the moment. I just recently shoved out 2 grand for a PS3 and 360. Show mercy!

  • rocky

    Philips hype in full flow again with these new led LCD models, better than plasma re sharpness and black level!
    I must sell my KURO asap, I don’t think so, LCD was and is and will always be
    INFERIOR to the best plasma sets, and
    wait until SED from Canon hits the shops
    next year!

  • Rosche Raymonds

    Philips is really a giant in this field, once again they have prooved their dominance,tech leadership in telly segment.Philips Lcd Tv’s picture quality compared to Sony’s same range lcd is far better,now they have one more feather on the cap.

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