Looking for the ultimate storage solution? LaCie thinks this is it: a new connected hard drive called the Internet Space. Yes, we know it’s a daft name, but the concept is as cool as its ice white minimalist design.

It’s a networked drive that syncs media from any computer in your home to its massive 500GB hard drive.

That’s enough capacity for 500,000 photos, 200,000 songs and up to 500 movies.

Once all your files are on board, they can be accessed from anywhere in the world, simply by logging into www.homelacie.com. Clever, huh?

LaCie promises a dead easy set up, with just five minutes needed to get it up and running. It’ll also let you share music and photos or even stream media files to an Xbox 360 or PS3 without being anywhere near a computer.

Yes, we know, there are tons of networked hard drives around. But few are as nice to look at as this, and even less let you tap into your media collection while away from home.

Out November 2008 | £129 | LaCie

  • auroras

    Love the specs for this machine…

    “Access iTunes library anywhere in your hose”


  • Spider86

    Why back stuff up to this hard drive just so you can access it anywhere via the internet when you can just sign up to online storage facilities (such as adrive.com, box.net, drop.io etc etc) which do exactly the same thing?? only difference is the hard drive is their end not yours and can be upgraded to more space or less space as and when you need it.

  • http://www.gravatar.com James Holland

    The advantage comes with uploading it in the first place – in the UK you’re lucky if you get anywhere near a decent upload speed, but if it’s on your own network it’ll be dead fast to copy files across.

  • http://www.gravatar.com James Holland

    Brilliant spot Auroras!

  • humedini

    I have the NAS version of this with FTP access and it is a very good product. Interesting to see this in action …

  • Roby


    This device is designed around home media and entertainment. Online storage is great, if you don’t plan on using large data files daily, otherwise it will be painfully slow and kill your monthly bandwidth usage. This device allows you to stream music with an iTunes capable device while your son watches “Cars” (for the 25th time this week) via a UPnP/DLNA capable media player and still be accessible externally when files are required on the fly. It is accessible via a Web UI, FTP, Samba and WebDAV. Most online storage services are cumbersome when it comes to uploading large amounts of data.


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