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If fingerless iPhone gloves don’t quite cut it for you in the high-tech hand-warming stakes, check out these Swany G-cell gloves. They’re packed with Bluetooth, so you can answer the phone and take a call by “talking to the hand.”

There’s a built in speaker and microphone, so you can legitimately make the universal “phone” gesture with your hand to take a real call.

They’ll work with any Bluetooth-equipped mobile, but there’s bad news if you’re really keen enough to splash the cash on them – Swany are only selling them through a strange “lottery” system. You’ll need to e-mail your interest, and then keep your fingers crossed.

Out now | $495 (£315) | Swany

  • Spider86

    Wow you can pretend to be inspector gadget and use your hand as a phone!! lol

  • Spider86

    Also, someone must be expecting a REALLY urgent call that they feel the need to have facilities to answer it while skiing down a mountain!!

  • James Holland

    Exactamundo! And do a helluva lot of skiing to make the £315 price tag worthwhile!

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