UPDATE: It seems the timing of Monday’s rumoured announcement is more significant than we first thought. It’s the 25th anniversary of Microsoft Windows. Is Apple planning to crash the party with a new iMac and Mac Mini?

We’ve heard the Mac Mini is due for an overhaul, and with new chipsets and DisplayPort inside Apple’s latest MacBooks, it makes sense for the iMac to get some attention too. Now we’re hearing rumours both updates will land on November 10.

The latest rumour comes courtesy of Fudzilla, a site without a proven track record in Apple speculation, so we’re inclined to treat it with caution. That said, it’s far from the first hint of an impending update for both computers.

What’s in store for a new Mac Mini and iMac? We’ve heard tittle-tattle about speedier optical drives, beefier processors and Apple’s new DisplayPort connectors.

There’s also a rumour that the Mac Pro will see an update, although timings for its introduction are still hazy. Murmurs of an unveiling at January’s Macworld are making their way around the web, but without a source, or any specifics to back them up. We’ll keep you posted on the latest as we hear it.

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