Bargain watch: ultra cheap laptops

The economy’s in a muddle, and while everyone is afraid of the dreaded R word, it’s not all bad news, as tech firms are busily slashing their prices to flog electronic wares in troubled times.

We’re looking at the best bargains every Monday, and this week we’re kicking off with the best laptops available at bargain prices right now! Whether you’re working on the move, or need an all-powerful entertainment box, there are some serious bargains to be had. Credit crunch? What credit crunch!

Best for working on the go
Asus EEE 701

The original may not quite be the best anymore, seeing as Asus alone has already released a billion more models to the range, but it’s still the cheapest at just £200 from the Carphone Warehouse. Xandros Linux and 4GB of RAM will be more than enough to cope with any browsing and office work, and you can always install Windows XP if you’re just too used to it. Oh, and it weights less than a kilogram too. Stick that in your briefcase!
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Asus EeePC 701 just £199.99 at The Carphone Warehouse

Best for entertainment
Acer 6920G Blu-ray

There’s not much point buying a netbook if you want to watch movies. The screens are too small to really do them justice. Acer’s 16-inch widescreener is more suitable, coming with 3GB of memory, a Radeon graphics card and Core 2 Duo processor. Best of all there’s a Blu-ray drive for high-def cinema on your desk. It’s free too, if you sign up for a mobile broadband contract with The Link.
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Free Acer 6920G Blu-ray when you sign up to 3 Mobile Broadband from

Best all-round bargain
Advent 5411

Fifteen inches of screen real estate, a DVD rewriter, 4 gigs of grey matter and a hefty 320GB hard drive a bargain make, especially when the pricetag is free over at The Link. Alright, so you’ll have to sign up for Vodafone mobile broadband to get it, but if you’re on the move and see yourself using it as your primary connection (we’re talking to you, students), this is cheaper than (silicon) chips.
Electricpig Deals
Free Advent 5411 when you sign up to Vodafone Mobile Broadband from

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