Exclusive: We just had our first play with the Asus Eee Top PC, it’s an awesome touchscreen iMac competitor, but Asus isn’t finished yet – the next version will be portable, with battery power and wireless accessories.

Asus’ account manager Matthew Warner gave us a walk-through of the Eee Top’s features, before confirming that the next version will offer a wireless keyboard and mouse, as well as an internal battery to turn the computer into a portable media centre.

“You’ll be able to pick it up and take it with you,” Warner said. “The plan is that you’ll be able to move it around the house.”

However, we reckon a battery-powered Eee Top would be more use as an outdoor media centre, letting us carry it into the garden on a sunny day, install it in the car, or use the battery to sneakily ration kids’ computer use.

Asus says the Eee Top will be a flagship product throughout 2009. It’s expecting to sell loads in the next few months, thanks to its £400 price tag, and the next version is already in the works.

Out November | £400 | Asus

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    When will the battery unit be available?????

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