Blimey. The lovely new aluminium MacBooks are just weeks old and already those blabbermouth analysts are gabbing on about the next gen of Apple laptops. According to a forecast by Strategy Analytics’ Neil Mawston, the Cupertino firm will add a high speed 3G data connection to future MacBooks, allowing users to access the web wherever they roam.

“Bigger-screen or smaller-screen laptops with integrated cellular radios are a logical next step for Apple – and others”, said Mawston, adding that, “many operators in the US and Western Europe would jump at the chance to cross-sell a cellular MacBook to their installed base of iPhone users.”

He reckons Apple is likely to make its move into HSDPA at the Macworld Expo in early January – but is Steve Jobs really going to unveil a slightly updated MacBook so soon after an entire refresh of Apple’s whole notebook range? We’re not so sure, but please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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    Good chance HSDPA will be mated with a big version of the ipod touch, with say, a 7″ screen. Makes enormous sense from every perspective. Will do the typical Apple thing of obliterating me-too’s in the market segment, cheapo Asus-type small computers. Leverages the present touch technology. Affordable price in this down economy. We’ll see!

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