We feel a bit sorry for Bethesda, the company behind the new Fallout 3 game. It just can’t seem to put a foot right. First it was the game’s two-headed cows that upset India, then it was the lack of infanticide that upset our own Simon Munk (we’re kidding!); now miserable commuters have caused a series of high profile adverts to be pulled.

The posters that were found in the Washington DC Metro system showed shots from the game, namely a decimated, post-apocalyptic impression of the capital, which is where the game is set. Disgruntled Metro users complained that “We do not need a daily reminder of what our worst fears look like”.

Your worst fears, eh? For God’s sake don’t go near the London Underground then.

But wait, there’s more. Bethesda has also written to websites requesting that its latest Fallout 3 trailer be removed, “in connection with ESRB’s advertising guidelines”. There’s no indication of what’s so offensive about the trailer or whether it’s related to these other complaints.

Some websites have suggested that it was an exploding head in the trailer that was so upsetting, so in the absence of being able to find the offending video on YouTube, this screenshot gives you the rough gist:

We can’t see what the fuss was about!

Out Friday on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 | £40| Bethesda (via ShackNews)

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