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Commence channel surfing with your Wiimote: the Beeb has just updated iPlayer for the Nintendo Wii’s Opera internet browser, finally adding the slightly handy fullscreen option.

Remote control features have also been improved, with big fat play buttons more suited to selecting with a Wii controller.

Anthony Rose, head of BBC future media & technology, admitted on a blog post that the first version released in April had been rushed: “This was our first foray into TV-connected gaming devices. We didn’t know what the uptake would be, so we adopted a ‘keep it simple, get it out fast’ approach.”

Rose also confirmed that a PS3 iPlayer was still in the works, barring some niggling issues with the console’s software: “the PS3 uses a slightly older version of Flash which doesn’t support some of the features used in our media player, and the very promising Flash 9 update now available on PS3 has some compatibility issues. Our Flash developers are working on it – stay tuned for updates.” We’ll have those updates right here.

Out now | £Free | BBC (via Pocket-lint)

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