Apple reviving Mac Mini after all?

UPDATE: Updated iMac and Mac Mini machines now seem a dead cert for Macworld in January. Codes unearthed inside Apple’s OS X operating system point to unannounced versions of both products. Read more here.

It was left out of Apple’s “state of the Mac” update during the launch of the company’s new MacBooks, looks woefully outdated, and we’ve heard its impossible to order any more. But now tipsters say the Mac Mini isn’t dead, it’s poised for a refresh.

AppleInsider is reporting the new Mac Mini will come packing a DisplayPort connector, just like all new Macs, as well as vastly increased memory, allowing it to access up to 4GB.

There’ll also be tweaks to the optical drive, connecting it using much faster SATA connections, and allowing the option of having no optical drive at all, in favour of two hard drives.

A new development team is also rumoured to be working on the new Mac Mini inside Apple, re-creating the littlest Mac from the ground up.

Usage of the cut-price computers is believed to have soared in recent months, since they make handy servers and are easily embedded inside larger machines.

Brian Stucki, owner of Macminicolo, a Las Vegas-based modding firm, even issued a report on the “State of the Mac mini” observing that it’s consistently within’s top five best-selling computers, and frequently found behind the scenes in hotels, casinos, salons and used as web, mail, video and file servers.

“When I read online of people stating ‘poor mini sales,’ I’m surprised,” he says. “Even the three year old G4 Mac minis on ebay go for a price close to the brand new Intel machines sticker price. The market speaks even if Apple doesn’t.”

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