It’s a been a bad day for Apple. First it appears Fujitsu is muscling in on its multitouch action, and now we’ve discovered a French company, Stantum, with ultra-advanced ten-finger multitouch technology to kill the iPhone stone dead.
Stantum specialises in what it calls “true multi-touch” screen technology, which lets you use as many digits as you please on your display, and create stacks of gestures and controls with a wave of your palm. Or a finger. Or anything else you can press against the display.

We’ve had a fingers-on experience with the 15.4-inch version at the Symbian Smartphone Show today in London, and while there’s plenty of scope for multi-touch laptops, the 3.5-inch model for mobiles is what really has us excited.

The possibilities for apps and games are endless. What do you think? Is there anything a touchscreen shouldn’t be added to? Give us a shout in the comments section.

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  • orappa

    are you guys crazy??
    ten finger multitouch???
    ON A CELL PHONE hum i think u need to rethink what you jjust wrote cuz that sounds just plane stupid

  • James

    I second that … 10 fingure touch cellphone display? Very stupid.

    • Ben Sillis

      What about an iPad sized display though? The more multitouch tablets the merrier!

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