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We’ve just wrapped our oversized paws around the smallest projector in the world: The Optoma Pico Pocket Projector. Come and get a close-up look at the world’s tiniest movie machine!

At just 5cm wide, 10cm long and 1.5cm thick, it’s small enough to fit in a pocket, but can produce an image up to 60 inches.

It’ll plug into just about any gadget with a video output too, from an iPhone or iPod to a camcorder or digital camera. It’ll even hook up to a PSP Slim’n’Lite.

When it comes to quality, we were pleasantly surprised. The Pico Pocket Projector might not deliver HD pictures, or work particularly well in lit rooms, but give it a blank surface and switch the lights off, and it performs spectacularly.

Battery life hovers around the 2 hour mark, so there’s enough juice to watch a full-length film, and a tripod mount on the base means it’ll sit pretty on more or less any mount you like. Check out our hands-on video and image gallery below.

Out November |£250 | Optoma

  • simonj

    I disagree with your comment about needing a dark room. Agreed it works even better under those conditions but I use mine in normal daylight too and it’s fine. I bought mine from and had it delivered for FREE for under £249 and would certainly recommend them over the big boys who should NOT be charging £10+ shipping for an item that weighs less than your average mobile phone….rant over…:)

  • mackeroo

    where did you get that ipod connection thing

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