After confirming they’ve been working on an Android running, social networking smartphone, Motorloa have let slip some more delightful details, and yep, you guessed right, it’s going to have a touchscreen.

According to a feature in Business Week, Motorola have been doing the rounds with specs and images of a touchscreen phone not a millions miles from the recently launched Krave (shown) in the US. Details are still sketchy but we do know it will have a proper (buttons and everything) qwerty keyboard and features dedicated to getting you on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. Oh and it’ll be much, much cheaper than the G1.

Motorola have failed to get our juices going for a while now, and judging by their current 16 year low in the stock market were not the only ones. But with T-Mobile’s G1 out in a matter of days all eyes will be on the Android OS, and the small fact Motorola are planning on selling their own higher spec version for substantially less could be just the tonic they (and the rest of us who still mourn the passing of the StarTAC) have been looking for.

Sadly we’re looking at a US Q2 2009 launch, so we probably won’t get a look in until Q3 at the earliest.

Out TBC | £TBC | Motorola (via BusinessWeek)

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