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Wondering why the Apple TV hasn’t been upgraded lately? The latest explanation is the Mac-maker’s working on its own TV, complete with the guts of its media streaming box shoehorned inside.

According to a chat between Cnet’s Nate Lanxon and Valleywag’s Jason Calacanis, Apple is working on its own-brand of TVs, using technology from its LCD monitors and Apple TV.

Calacanis told Cnet that he “knew first-hand that Apple was working on a networked television,” using the same 802.11n Wi-Fi that’s inside the Apple TV to serve up content from PCs and Macs around the house, as well as downloads direct from the iTunes Store.

As Lanxon puts it: “Apple has really gone to town with the iTunes Store… Why would it sit back while movie fans go out and buy some generic HDTV to connect up to their PC to watch this content?”

We’re inclined to agree. Apple has always prided itself on making the hardware as well as the software which makes its ecosystem so unique.

But can it really take on the might of Sony Bravia, Sharp Aquos, Pioneer Kuro and Panasonic Viera? It seems only a year or so ago we were asking a similar question, about Apple’s ability to challenge Sony Ericsson and Nokia. Just look how that turned out…

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  • Tony

    Comparing the rumored Apple’s entry to the TV set market to Apple’s entry into the smart phone space may not be appropriate. Steve Job has been emphasizing the importance of software and how the software helps distinguish Apple’s products from other manufacturers. Unless Apple comes up with some killer apps that can change how people watch TV or use a very large display …

    Maybe a large screen iMac/HDTV with multi touch, and a new version of iChat that allows collaboration? If multi touch, then the TV should come with cleaning fluid and cloth :)

  • James Holland

    Good point Tony, but that’s exactly what Apple TV does – its software (and the iTunes Store) gives anyone with broadband access to on-demand TV, films and music. No need for BT Vision, Virgin cable, or Sky. What’s more, it’ll pull photos from your own library, as well as friends’ through Flickr straight to the screen. If Apple shoves Freeview inside, the opportunities are endless. Fancy setting remote recordings through an iPhone or iPod touch? I do!

  • Christoph

    Schedule a recording at home from my iPhone? Hell yes! Imagine freeview with Apple behind it too. It could link to iTunes, so when I hear a song in an advert I like it knows what it is… or lets me download the just released sequel to a film I’ve just watched on TV!!!

  • Fanboy

    “If Apple shoves Freeview inside”

    Well that’s about as likely as them giving iMacs away free with every iPod.

    Remember, there’s Cuppertino (centre of the universe), then there’s California, then there’s New York, then there’s America, then there’s the rest of the world. Sorry, but Apple couldn’t even spell Freeview, let alone stick a tuner in one of its devices.

  • Mcflybot

    Other countries use the same tech as Freeview – it’s just not branded up like that outside Britain. Apple could easily swap the relevant parts, just like they do the relevant keyboards or power adapters with macs.

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