Bloom for iPhoneIf you don’t know about Brian Eno, you don’t know about music. But the ambient songster’s also at the forefront of musical technology. He created the soundtrack to Spore, which morphs just like the creatures in the game, and now he’s cranked out an iPhone app.

It’s “part instrument, part composition and part artwork” he says, dubbing the app Bloom.

But don’t expect guitars, drums or even a synth. Bloom makes music by tapping the screen to create notes, before looping them so you can create a hook. That then morphs on its own if you leave it, or changes to respond to your finger taps.

Bloom is also capable of making music on its own, and accompanies its songs with an on screen display of coloured spots that grow and fade in time with the tune. You can even set the ‘mood’ of the music you want it to create, and each piece will be unique. Nice, huh?

Out now | £2.39 | Bloom

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