Is this the new MacBook? It appears to come in two pieces. So much for the Brick!Check out these clandestine photos, claiming to reveal Apple’s next-gen MacBook design. They certainly fit the bill, being made of aluminium, but what happened to the Mac-maker carving them from a single block of metal?

The shots show two laptops, most likely the MacBook and MacBook pro casings. Each is crafted from aluminium, and appears to share design cues with the MacBook Air.

It’s thin, but is it legit?We’re certain these aren’t just doctored Air casings, however, since hinges and speaker grilles are in different places between all three models.

However, there’s also little sign of Apple’s new ‘Brick’ manufacturing process, which reportedly lets the company carve a computer out of a solid metal block. These casings look decidedly component-based, with more than one piece fitting together to form the finished article.

What do you think? Are these the real deal? We’re praying for something special from Apple’s new laptops, and if we’re honest, these just seem like more of the same, albeit a bit thinner.

TBC | £TBC | Apple (via Engadget)

  • jbc

    I’m not buying it. This would be the first Mac laptop to have two buttons. Why else would it have that ugly triangle on the front of the trackpad. And the return key is the wrong shape for an apple keyboard.

  • jbc

    And that’s not to mention the brick bit.

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