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Lunchtime lowdownWhat a way to start a Thursday lunchtime: a brand new handheld console from Nintendo! Come and meet the Nintendo DSi.

Following rumours that Nintendo had plans to build a camera and MP3 player into the DS Lite, the Big N unveiled the DSi this morning, it’s a bit slimmer than its predecessor, sports two touchscreens and, yes, has a camera and music player.

We’ve already spied the camera software, letting gamers take snapshots of their friends, and then morph their facial expressions as they see fit. There’s even the option of merging photos together.

Get a look at the hardware in all the official DSi shots here. We’ve also got a video of it in action, showing the new console, as well as its first accessory, a wireless pedometer.

The new Nintendo DSi uses SD cards to save data, so it’s simple to get photos off the device (or music on to it), and shots will work seamlessly with the Nintendo Wii’s photo channel too.

All good news so far, except for one or two hiccups. For a start, the DSi won’t appear in Britain until next year. It’s getting a November 1 launch in Japan, but Americans and Europeans will have to wait.

What’s more, we’re hearing the new device has a drastically reduced battery life. It’ll still keep kicking for up to 14 hours, but that’s five hours less than the DS Lite.

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