stig plateThe world of private plates can be a little confusing at times, some plates on cars really do take an imaginative eye to see what they are trying to say, if the said registration only cost you a few quid and the illegal addition of a couple of screws in the right place spells your name in full then good luck to you. This particular plate cost over ten grand, isn’t the owners name and doesn’t much look like where its aiming either.

Fans of the Hamster and Co may well have guesssed it is supposed to spell out THE STIG, mmmmm, even at primary school our t’s didn’t look like that still one Rick Fusari a car dealer from London splashed out £10,690 on the plate and has to decide which Ferrari he’s sticking it on!

The reserve at the DVLA auction for this lot was £400, so it would appear there are lots of Stig fans out there with letter T troubles.

One of us bought a car recently at electricpig and changed our name by deedpole to BK57 VNN, it was way cheaper.

Via Pistonheads

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