What is the Apple Brick?

What is the Apple Brick?UPDATE: We’re hearing that The Brick isn’t a product after all, but a next-generation manufacturing process. Read up on The Brick here.

Not satisfied by Apple’s new iPods and rumours of a new MacBook Pro? Feast your eyes on the latest rumour, surrounding a mysterious Apple product simply dubbed “The Brick”.

The speculation stems from a 9to5Mac article, posted just after the introduction of the new iPod nano. It stated simply that an inside source had spilled the beans on a new project, simply dubbed “The Brick”. No other information is known, but that hasn’t stopped gadget-watchers trying to guess what it is.

Read some of the predictions below and vote for your favourite at the bottom of the page.

Not sure what it is, but some are sure it’ll break Windows. The Brick – the Windows smasher!
Macenstein reckons it has “solved the riddle behind the code name The Brick,” even though the site freely admits it has no idea what the product is.

“It is now our belief that The Brick has nothing to do with the device actually looking physically like a brick at all,” the site explains. “Rather, we feel it is likely that it is simply a name for an upcoming product (or group of products) that Apple thinks will be sexy enough to pull a huge marketshare away from Microsoft. After all, how do you break “Windows”? You throw a brick through them!”
Verdict: Logical, but not exactly exciting.
Likelihood:BrickBrickBrickNo brickNo brick

The Brick: A next-gen wireless dongle?The Brick – Apple’s next-gen wireless
Computerworld has a better idea about The Brick. Its Apple correspondent Seth Weintraub has spied this spy shot of a new Apple homepage, showing a slim laptop alongside a wireless hub.

“Just about the only thing that needs to connect the inside of a computer to the outside world is the power,” he explains. “Has Apple reinvented the wireless dock? Will the new MacBooks ship with only one wire? The one for power?”
Verdict: This is more like it. Completely wireless laptops have a minimalist appeal that’s very much down Apple’s street.
Likelihood:BrickBrickBrickBrickNo brick

Apple TV about to be Bricked?The Brick – Apple TV, 3rd time lucky
The Unofficial Apple Weblog thinks The Brick is actually a next-generation Apple TV. Citing a tipster who said all promotional materials will be removed from Apple Stores tomorrow, ahead of a re-launch for the Apple TV, the site explains: “September 30 IS a Tuesday (and the last day of the September quarter), making all of this information, very, very interesting.

“So, what does this mean? Could this potentially be the introduction of the Mini/Apple TV hybrid we’ve all been begging for? Is this related to the rumors of “The Brick?”
Verdict: We’d love a full-blown Apple TV media centre, but it doesn’t seem likely. Apple’s sticking to its guns with software updates for the current version.
Likelihood:BrickBrickNo brickNo brickNo brick

Is the Brick a next-gen multi-touch laptop?The Brick – dual screen ultra-portable
Wired Editor and Steve Jobs biographer, Leander Kahney, thinks he knows what The Brick is. A “netbook-sized Mac which would feature a second, multi touch screen in place of a keyboard” says Wired.

“It could be used as an e-book, a regular mini-notebook or as a shared machine: laid flat on a table the second screen would flip its display to be used by a second person.”
Verdict: Innovative, and using Apple’s multi-touch technology. This would certainly floor the laptop-making competition, but we’re guessing two screens would also make it very expensive.
Likelihood: BrickBrickBrickNo brickNo brick

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  • Ben Sillis

    Maybe it’s an ironic name for a proper Apple netbook? Be a sight more useful than a the Air…

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