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Nintendo DS LiteWe’ve already outlined our need for a new Nintendo DS, and it seems the Japanese games firm agrees with us. New reports claim we’ll see a refreshed handheld in time for Christmas!

According to Japanese news service Nikkei Net, the Big N will launch the follow up to the DS Lite before the end of 2008. It’s reported to include improved Wi-Fi, an on-board camera and music playback.

There’s even speculation the built-in camera will be available to games, with photos somehow forming part of the gameplay.

Nikkei Net says the new handheld will cost less than 20,000 yen. That’s just over £100, which sounds about right, given the DS Lite’s current £99 price tag.

Of course, it’s all unofficial until Nintendo says the word, but keep it here for more as soon as we hear it.

TBC | £TBC | Nintendo (via Kotaku)

  • Chris

    Seems strange to add a camera, but music would be good. Even better, if Wi-Fi worked properly, with the web browser built in.

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