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Ticker Tape RadioIt’s an internet radio with an uplifting twist – it prints out stories from the web onto ticker tape, but only the positive bits. It was apparently made to cure people from Euphobia, the fear of hearing good news. We kid you not.

The curious design by Will Carey is an insane blend of old-school ticker tape and analogue dials with web 2.0 interactivity. You can set up your online content scanning via the Ticker Tape website and by adjusting the single analogue dial on top of the radio. Then you pull a chord to a length that corresponds to the length of broadcast you want to hear – or think you can bear in the case of Euphobics. Any upbeat news stories that come along are promptly printed out on the tape. The whole thing seems too absurd to be plausible, but it is indeed part of an ongoing project to ease the suffering of Euphobics, who are presumably wincing in pain at this story right now.

Out TBA | £TBA | via Yanko Design 

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