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Electrolux Coox cooking trolleyIf you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen – and wheel your cooking trolley with you! Coox uses an induction hob that you can plug in anywhere, so cooking in front of the TV, or alfresco is no problemmo.

Coox adds to the list of increasingly clever concept appliances put forward for Electrolux Design Lab 2008. Like the Flatshare Fridge, Mini Cookers and Office Cooker, it ignores conventional thinking and suggests a whole new way to cook. Induction hob technology is remarkable safe because it can only heat certain kinds of metal by magnetic induction, so it can’t burn your fingers (unless they’re magnetic). It also fits easily into a slim and portable table like this, whose height adjustable legs make it possible to set up your impromptu kitchen anywhere you can find a mains socket – like right in front of the TV for instance.

Out TBA | £TBA | Electrolux Design Lab (via Yanko Design)

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