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Ads in apps? We’re not sure we’re cool with that.The App Store has been a monumental success for Apple, and its legion developers. But how can those giving their Apps away make money? With a new breed of mobile ads, that’s how.

AdMob is a firm specialising in advertisements, and is now letting iPhone developers get in on the act.

Its ads will appear in free apps and games like the hugely addictive TapTap Revenge, and there’s a big payoff for advertisers too: iPhone ads reportedly generate three times the response rate (or click-through) of typical ads.

Privacy concerns high on your worry list? They should be. AdMob has already stated it wants to use location awareness to target ads. That means a free iPhone app suddenly has a heavy price attached, and it’s one you can only pay by handing over some personal data.

Are we overstating an otherwise simple case of economics? Do you want ads on your iPhone? Give us a shout in the comments section below.

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