Is Steve up to dirty tricks with Nike+ iPod integration?Apple surprised us with news that the new iPod touch had a Nike+ iPod receiver built in, and while we were hoping we’d still be able to plug a receiver into our old iPod touch, and not-so-old iPhones, we’re bang out of luck. Apple says only new iPod touch owners can use Nike+ iPod.

If we’re brutally honest, we feel cheated. We’ve got a Nike+ iPod adapter. We’ve paid good money for it, but every time we go running we have to fish out an iPod nano instead of using our brand new iPhone 3G.

All that’s stopping Apple opening the system to more people is its software. It’s ludicrous that the company won’t allow it, and it seems to us like a thinly disguised attempt to force an iPod touch upgrade on anyone who wants to keep using their fancy Nike trainers, or the company’s online exercise tracking system.

Except some of us don’t want an iPod touch. We want the iPhone. The iPhone we already have. Or the iPod touch we already have. Or just some good old-fashioned free choice.

Come on Apple, see sense. Add Nike+ iPod abilities to all your other touchscreen kit. You owe it to us all.

TBC | £TBC | Apple (via Gizmodo)

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