Robotic pool playing machine

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Pool MachineStuck up on a gantry in someones basement is this formidable pool player by the name of Deep Green, its accuracy for the shot at hand only shadowed by its ability to size up the table for the moves ahead, is this the future of pub installations.

We prefer being able to laugh at someone less able than us but are certain that the grin induced state we’d be in whilst watching this machine, cue in robotic wrist, planting the balls from all kinds of angles would be entertainment enough.

Whilst an electric motor makes the cue shot normally it does pull out a pneumatic cannon to make its break and this must of course be a clear flouting of some rule or other in your local bar, yes thats it “No pneumatic assisted shots”.

Cameras above the table and on the wrist analyse the placement of the balls on the table, recognising both colours and patternsand using adaptive visual positioning to keep its shots accurate to within half a degree and so able to make those cross table shots we only fluke every now and then.

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