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Gorenje SmarTable fridgeThe SmarTable is even more likely to impress than the tuneful Made for iPod fridge, as it raises your food and drinks on a circular platform at the touch of a button. And this one is already on sale.

The Slovenian appliance maker is full of futuristic ideas for the kitchen, including the iPod-controlled oven and washing machine that are due to be launched next year and the freestanding cooker that’s designed to be plonked in any room. Gorenje’s SmarTable looks even more like one of those clever prototypes that never see the light of day, but in fact, it’s already in full production. The circular lift rises out of the cooler in two stages to reveal the top shelf first and then the next shelf, putting everything in easy reach of those sitting around the table. And don’t worry about trapping your fingers, sensors ensure that nothing gets caught in the gap.

Out now | 1,200 euros | Gorenge

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